Design for Manufacturing

Quick Table of Interconnection & Packaging
  1. Wire Size vs. Electric Current
  2. Basics of Board, Substrate, Package, Flex
  3. Gold Plating
  4. Trace Attributes

  5. Board Layout
  6. Bond-Pad vs. Wire
  7. Die-Mount-Pad Size vs. Die Size
  8. Better Trace Layout
  9. Geometry re Trace-End
  10. Obstacle Position, Away from the 2nd Bond-point

  11. Process
  12. Assembly Process Concern
  13. Eutectic Attach and Epoxy Attach
  14. Mistakes & Advice on Board Preparation
  15. Assembly Issues and Answers
  16. Bond Variables
  17. Wire-Bond Quality Data
  18. Glob Top Encapsulation

  19. Advance Concern: Wire Inductance
  20. Principles of Wire Parasitics
  21. Inductance of 2 Wires
  22. Wire Inductance Calculation, Simplified
  23. Wire Length for Inductance Concern
  24. Wire Inductance Table & Calculation, Realistic
Tips for Better Chip Packaging

Product of 1 Die in a Unit
  1. Choose the rigid substrate
  2. Plan a module layout
  3. Make the Bonding Diagram in scale
  4. Plan for other SMDs on substrate
  5. Process chip packaging first; others goes second.
Product of 2~12 Dies in a Unit
  1. Design with specified cost and time criteria.
  2. Make a pre-prototype in modules.

  3. Make sure the prototype can be produced thru the multiple process & procedures.
  4. Share the design concept with us and allow us to contribute from the cost & packaging viewpoints.

  5. Allow us to join your prototype review to close the loop of "Design for Manufacturing".
  6. Set clear & realistic guidelines for the production capacity planning.

  7. Allow us to check the final release model and confirm the cost control.
  8. Remember that the open mind of true wisdom! The entire project is a matter of collaborative effort.    /   Recommend Us To A Friend