Story B

"Many tried many failed," said the customer.

The photos depict a time-display, a Micro-system, of the size of a fingernail with digit chips on it.

The job requires bonding 7 wires per chip x 10~120 chips. The wire is 0.0007�� dia x (.008��~ .25��) in length. The unit is then subjected to "open/short test" & "run-data test" to be acceptable. Further, it is encapsulated with optical clear epoxy of 0.016" thickness for best optical performance. Finally, it must pass again "open/short test" & "run-data test" as outgoing.

The time-display, packed in UltraFast-camera, is to burn time-count on each film which running from 200 to 3000 Strips of films per second. NASA & many world-wide organizations have the systems mounted on motorized towers to film the flying missiles.

IDAX tried, IDAX succeeded.

IDAX adopted very creative solutions & procedures aided with fixtures/tools to break through the obstacles which many others failed. The time-display works better than it ever before and contributes value to win more business.

IDAX, More than A Chip Packaging Contractor, is Your Partner to Success.

        Penny vs. Data-Head Display     Chip size vs. "AM" on penny

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