Story A

"We went thru a lot of shi...t in years... with large, medium, & small companies... before having you." said the customer manager in the end.

The obstacle is to attach and interconnect the daughter board, 12 mil x 3/8"x 3/4", onto the cut-out area of mother board, 12 mil x 1-1/4"x 3" (half the size of a business card), thru series of process such as D/A, W/B, SMT.

B I N G O!!! IDAX did it.

IDAX did it with innovative skill & procedures. From that, customer had the very 1st prototype and saw the twilight in the development tunnel. IDAX proved himself and became their valuable contractor.

However, the prototype is not cost effective.

To their further surprise, IDAX offered a proposal. After tele-conferences, they finally bought the proposal. IDAX, then, generated the drawings, got approval, helped the re-direct of circuit traces, and assembled/provided the better proposed model after 2 months. This is the 2nd break-thru.

At this stage, they consider IDAX is More than A Contractor - A Partner to Success. IDAX helped further with the 3rd & 4th break-thru till the product is finalized.

IDAX, A Chip Packaging Contractor with innovative skill, is also A Solution Provider with visions in Packaging Design. We are bigger than we look. The Key is we can remove the stone in project & makeup the weakness of project thru "Design for Manufacturing".

Together, we can bring your business into next horizon.

Original, Back Side,
Partial View of the talked unit in Story A

Version after IDAX's 2nd break-thru,
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