Our Positioning Statement

We provide accurate services in the high-end of Semi-conductor Packaging & Microelectronic Packaging. That includes the Open-Cavity Device Packaging, Chip-On-Board, Chip-On-Flex, Hybrid, & Microwave Device Packaging.

We're More Than A Chip Packaging Contractor. We break thru obstacles with creative skills, others failed. In addition to that, we offer extra Engineer Visions after the packaging service, in Job-Report, to close the feed-back loop and complete the customer satisfaction. We give proposals too, if we visualize a gap between Design & Manufacturing from the assembly cost view points. We also contribute "Design for Manufacturing" to fill the gap.

We are the packaging source of Chip Design Houses, Sensor Labs, EE industries in biz of Telecom, Medical, Instruments, and companies of bare chip related products.

Most of our customers are biz owners, project managers, engineers, & buyers. They are logical persons, many of them has the Ph.D. Degree, who advance their companies and our country into the next horizon.

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