Example of Job Report
   Ex1: Wedge bond, Wire 0.7mil x 2.36mil (60um) Bond-pad
To: AAA �C Engineer, Broadcom
From: BBB -  IDAX Microelectronics
Report Date:
 1st  C/C/C  2nd  D/D/D
Subject: Assembly Report �C Microwave Device
Job Scope Chip-On-Board Packaging, 5 Boards 62 wires/board x 5 boards
Wedge bond, Alum 0.7 mil
2 Critical Wires of equal length
1st Report: C/C/C
  1. Incoming Inspection
Incoming Board surface Observation:
Many short fibers around SMDs corners
Probably caused by the soldering operator using paper to wipe off the residual of solder flux
Electric short
IDAX Action:
Use tape adhesive to Get those fibers off the board
Remove fibers after wiping the flux Thoroughly with tape adhesive
Bonding Diagram
  2. First Unit: Not Encapsulated Yet
Preparation Tagged  each board with a number from #1~#5
Attach die while constrain epoxy within the die size       
Setup on
W/B work-stage     
Ground during Wire-Bond Operation
Side View                                               Machine View
Wire-Bond on Die Surface, North Part      Wire-Bond on Die surface, South Part      Wire-Bond on Die Surface, Central Part
2nd Report: Job is done
  1. Measured data
Chip, Device No: #W1(MP8M7) Thickness (Die+ Epoxy)
10.5 mil
Chip Size
57 x 77 mil
Bond-pad size
2.4mil (60um) x 2.7 mil
Space between bond-pads
0.5 mil
Critical wire length Per machine top View coordination & Calculation Top left Unit1 .04045�� Unit3? 0.4052��
Lower left .04045�� .04048��
  2. Unit3
North Side, Unit3                                            South Side, Unit3
West Side, Unit2                                       East Side, Unit2
Encapsulated, Optical Clear
Comments Board Wire-bond area trace-ends Very narrow & small pitch
Chip Bond-pad Size & pitch is very small
Wires in west side of die is heavily populated
Wire-bond Difficult
Hard for automation & mass production
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